The Christmas extravaganza is under way at the holiday village - but it isn't long before things start going disastrously wrong. Zak agrees to supply Santa Seth with beer before Betty rumbles Seth and drags him out by his ear and Maggie is furious to discover that Nicola has duped her into giving away an endless amount of free drinks that locals are making the most of. Rodney is forced to step in and have a heated heart to heart with Maggie about Nicola. Nicola wraps her dad round her little finger, but Maggie is glad to find an ally in Chloe. The police put Danny under pressure to give the name of the person who gave him the package of counterfeit money paper to deliver. But Danny stays tight-lipped and he is eventually released without charge. Cynthia lays into Ray for involving Danny in his dealings. Ray says he was not involved in Danny's package delivery and then silences her by revealing that he is the new owner of their cottage and demands she show him some respect. Andrew tries to convince Kathy to stay and confides in Bernice in the hope that she might help.


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