Nicola is pleased when her father invites her to dinner, but her hopes of an enjoyable evening are dashed when she discovers that Bernice has also been invited. Tensions grow during the meal and it is clear that Nicola has no intention of forgiving Bernice for having an affair with Carlos. After Bernice leaves, Nicola turns on Rodney for tricking her into seeing her sister. Emily is concerned to hear what has happened and suggests that Nicola should go and speak to her father. But Nicola is in for a shock when she returns to the bed and breakfast, and finds Rodney hugging Diane. Maggie is annoyed when she receives a phone call from her estranged husband asking if Lucy and Craig could spend Christmas with him. Meanwhile, Jess is unhappy when Phil refuses to let her see her mother over Christmas. Viv and Edna try to enlist Eric's help in their campaign to stop a phone mast being erected on Jack's farm. But the local councillor leaves them fuming when he refuses to get involved. Ray puts the frighteners on Cain for enlisting Danny's help in a parcel drop.


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