Diane fears the worst when she wakes up in bed with Rodney. She is pleased when he admits that nothing happened. But her relief is short lived, when Louise walks into the room and immediately jumps to the wrong conclusion. Bernice doesn't help matters when she lets slip to Louise that it is the second time in recent history that her parents have spent the night together. Rodney visits Louise and tries to explain what really happened. But she refuses to listen and tells him that their relationship is over. Jack is mortified when he overhears Nicola talking about Rodney and Diane's liaison. Jess is frustrated that Phil will not let her go and see her mum for Christmas. Maggie decides to have a word with him, but will she be able to change his mind? Edna uses one of Eric's favourite tricks to persuade him to back her campaign to stop a phone mast being erected on Jack's farm - blackmail and Bernice and Diane decide to hold a surprise leaving party for Kathy.


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