Diane is mortified that an innocent situation could be blown totally out of proportion. She tries to explain to Jack what really happened between her and Rodney. But he tells her that he is not interested in her excuses and calls an end to their relationship. Diane sees red when Rodney walks in to The Woolpack. She accuses him of ruining her life, before sending him to the floor with a punch. Edna goes on the warpath when she discovers that someone has stolen baby Jesus from the church's nativity scene. Tricia is thrilled when she wins a private performance from a popstar in a radio competition. She later curses her big mouth, when she lets slip to Kathy that the village is planning a surprise leaving party for her. Edna and Viv are delighted when Eric tells them that their anti-phone mast campaign has been successful. With Jess, Lucy and Craig spending Christmas away from the village, Maggie and Phil decide to hold an early Christmas dinner. Sean tricks Ollie and Tara into going bowling with him, to try to help them bond.


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Memorable dialogue

Rodney Blackstock: "There was no need for this."
Diane Blackstock"There was every need. You've messed up my life once too often, Rodney Blackstock! You're lucky you didn't get more! Now get outta my pub. NOW!"

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