The time has finally come for Kathy to bid farewell to her friends in Emmerdale and head for Australia. Fully aware that locals have arranged a leaving-bash in The Woolpack, Kathy feigns her surprise to spare their feelings. But she and everyone else gathered are genuinely shocked when singer Marti Pellow - Tricia's radio prize - emerges and serenades Kathy. Louise can't resist the chance to flirt with him and puts Tricia's nose out of joint by inviting him into the pub's back room. Fresh from their honeymoon, newlyweds Chris and Charity are quickly brought back down to earth when they return to the village. They are furious to discover that a bitter Zoe has changed the locks on Home Farm and put the place up for sale without consulting them. Without a roof over their heads, they are forced to ask Chloe for shelter. Edna is outraged when she discovers the whereabouts of the missing baby Jesus. Danny has taken him and painted him black. Ashley explains that God is beyond distinction of race or colour.


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