With Christmas just days away, Bernice is becoming increasingly worried about Ashley and how he is coping. She resolves to make an effort to improve things between the two of them and decides to visit him at the vicarage. They reminisce about old times and before they know it they are in each other's arms. But Zoe interrupts their brief reunion and Ashley is left disappointed when Bernice leaves. Jack is disappointed to hear that the phone company has pulled its plans to erect a mast on his farmland and tells his lads that he has no choice but to sell the farm. Andy marches round to the Post Office and gives Viv a piece of his mind for destroying any hope that his father had of a brighter future. Still reeling from being locked out of Home Farm, Chris decides to confront Zoe. He arrives to find her showing a prospective buyer around and Zoe insists that if he wants to live there - he will have to buy the place! Chris refuses to play Zoe's little games, but Charity tries to convince him otherwise. Diane seizes upon the season of goodwill and invites Louise to join her for Christmas dinner. While Zak tries to find some last-minute Christmas bargains - in the bin bags scattered around the village.


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  • A couple being shown around Home Farm are both uncredited despite each having a line of dialogue.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 9,260,000 viewers (14th place).
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