It may be Christmas Eve but Ashley is having a crisis of faith. He confides in Zoe that he isn't sure why he kissed Bernice the previous evening and isn't convinced it is a good idea to pursue her. He dreads the approaching carol service and struggles to find the enthusiasm to conduct it. Things are made worse when Bernice arrives and Ashley knows he must confront his demons head-on. His head rules his heart and he tells Bernice that he wants nothing more to do with her. Bernice wishes that she and Ashley could sort out their differences and they both go into Christmas Day with a heavy heart. Chris and Charity have less important worries on their minds - where to find a housekeeper. Terry tries his luck at cooking dinner for them but the results are from far impressive. Charity takes up the cause and promises to find a housekeeper locally - but Chloe isn't interested in the job. Emmerdale's perennial Scrooge, Eric, is out of luck when his back gives out and he faces Christmas stranded at the factory unless he can find a guardian angel to come to his rescue. And the Dingles await the arrival of Santa in the form of Seth - but will Father Christmas heed their warning not to have too many glasses of wine before he meets little Belle?


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