As Bernice proudly cradles her new baby, the two fathers-in-waiting are confused about the previous day's events. Carlos shares his thoughts with Terry and wonders why Bernice summoned him to the hospital for the birth. He is convinced that he must be the father and visits Bernice in hospital to ask her to make a fresh start with him away from the pub. Ashley, meanwhile, is less sure whether he may be the father but does wonder why Bernice seemed keen to sort out their differences. Zoe lends support and reminds him that he could well be the dad. Diane warns Bernice not to leave Ashley in the cold, then persuades Carlos to take a blood test to settle the question of fatherhood once and for all. Charity convinces Chris to take on Cynthia as housekeeper, but he is surprised when she starts so soon and cooks them a special Boxing Day breakfast. Charity declares her New Year's ambition to get her HGV licence and asks Sean to help. Robert takes pleasure in teasing Andy that Katie has lost interest in him when she doesn't answer his text messages. Jack has real worries, though, and has a heart to heart with Andy abut losing the farm, before telling Terry that he might be moving him out of Tenant House and his family in.


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  • This episode was broadcast at 6.35pm.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 8,670,000 viewers (22nd place).
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