Marc is on edge ahead of his court appearance the following day and he wallows in his room, as if it is the last time he'll be able to. Sean becomes concerned and asks Tara if she would mind playing second fiddle on this occasion. She seems happy enough until he seemingly stands her up later in the day and Andrew takes delight in rubbing Tara's nose in it. Angie feels pushed out when Ollie joins Marc and Sean for a walk, but Sean drops a bombshell and tells them it is time he moved on from the village. Marc is stunned, but Ollie intimates that she would like to go with him. Nicola takes great delight in watching Maggie row with Phil and Jess when they return to the holiday park. Jess finds herself defending her mum to Maggie before finding an unlikely ally in Lucy. Ashley's New Year is made all the better for being able to spend it with Bernice and the baby. He offers to look after the baby to give Bernice a break - but she seems unnaturally keen to get back to work. Diane isn't too taken with the name Bernice has chosen for the baby and tries to put her off the idea. They later have a heart to heart and Bernice reveals that she won't be going back to the vicarage.


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