Marc tries to adjust to life behind bars and makes friends with a fellow inmate. But life without him at home is tough for the Reynolds. Charity gives Sean the day off but he confesses that he needs a lifetime away from the village. Chris offers to buy Sean's half of the haulage business for Charity and he gladly accepts. He announces to locals that he is leaving and Terry lets slip that Tara is on her way too. Sean visits her to ask her to leave with him but is angered when she refuses to commit herself. And things don't get any better for Sean when he ends up rowing with Angie after Ollie announces she is leaving with him. Batley's welfare gives Edna cause for concern. She takes him to the vets where Paddy explains he has taken a sharp blow to the stomach. Edna confronts Eve and can't believe what she is hearing when Eve confesses to the attack on Batley and comes out with some more hard-hitting home truths. Edna demands that she leaves, but Eve has her over a barrel by reminding her that she must serve her community service. Robert puts more pressure on Andy by telling him that he spent the entire day with Katie.


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