Marc is stunned when he receives a visit from Sean and Ollie to tell him they are leaving the village for good. He accuses Ollie of being selfish and begs her not to leave. His words hit home and, much to Angie's joy, she decides not to leave. Sean pushes ahead with his plans, though, and says his farewells in The Woolpack. But he is stunned by the upper-class hitch-hiker he spots as he drives away from the village. Lady Tara declares that she is leaving with him and he is only too happy to have her join him to make a new start together. Jack is troubled by what the future holds for him and Seth assures him that he has made the right decision selling the farm. Katie is fast becoming bored of Andy's jealousy and Robert's mind games. She throws Robert by announcing that she has decided to not skip reparation as planned, but Robert has the last laugh when Andy says he will be skipping it - unaware of the change of plan. Eve is convinced that she has Edna wrapped round her little finger - but Edna has ideas of her own. She packs Eve's belongings into a suitcase and stuns her by announcing that she is shipping her out to live with her mother's sister in York - and she's leaving at once!


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