Andy finds himself in hot water when Jack discovers that he failed to turn up for his community service. But it's only the start of his problems, as Robert is desperate to make his life a living hell. As the gulf grows between Andy and Katie, Robert seizes the opportunity to make a less than subtle pass at Katie. But the brothers get physical when Andy discovers what has happened and confronts Robert. Latisha regrets her rash spending when she receives a huge bill from the catalogue company. But Chloe's suggestion that she needs to get her spending under control, isn't what she wants to hear. With rubbish building up outside Eric's factory, Zak sees the chance to make a fast buck and persuades Sam to injure himself so that they can sue Eric for damages. Meanwhile, Charity has her own idea as to how she can benefit from the refuse strike, realising that where there's muck there's brass. Marc struggles behind bars and doesn't think much of the employment officer's suggestion that he trains as a mechanic and Len is distressed when he discovers that he has been burgled.


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  • No episode was broadcast on Monday 7th January due to an hour-long edition of Coronation Street airing at 7.00pm.
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