Sparks begin to fly when Paddy receives a visit from his mother. Her attempts to repair her relationship with her son are dealt a massive blow when she starts to criticise his new choice of partner - Emily. Fed up with her attitude, Paddy stuns his mother when he demands that she leave immediately. Life as a single mother is taking its toll on Bernice. She agrees to let Ashley take the baby off her hands for the night, so that she can get a good night's sleep. But Diane is upset by the arrangements and enquires as to why Bernice didn't ask her first. Jack is in an emotional state as he moves out of Emmerdale Farm. Eric takes advantage of the situation, and buys some china from him at a fraction of its value. Things are starting to look up for Latisha when she manages to get a job in Eric's factory. Meanwhile, Scott begins to regret his decision to let Latisha and her baby move in to his house and Len announces to Angie that he has put his house up for sale and plans to move into the village permanently.


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