Latisha has Cain very much on her mind and is delighted when he offers her a lift to Hotten, but Cynthia isn't taken by the idea of her daughter spending so much time with the wayward Dingle. Cain isn't happy when Latisha brings baby Kirk along and makes his excuses before disappearing. But he is soon back on the scene when a thief pounces and tries to steal Latisha's bag. The thief hadn't reckoned on Cain's intervention and he is soon sent packing. Jason isn't happy when Latisha announces that she is dropping some beer off to Cain as a thank you. And his concerns prove valid when beer leads to the bedroom! Diane fusses over the baby and suggests names that Bernice quickly rejects. Ashley and Diane love having the baby around - but Bernice is struggling to share their enthusiasm. Charity forges ahead with her attempts to land the refuse business, but Zoe isn't pleased that Charity is using Tate wagons. She thinks that Charity has ideas above her station, while Zak comes up with a master plan to tip the balance in Charity's favour. Paddy and Emily have had just about as much as they can take from his interfering mother. And despite Barbara's last ditch efforts to turn the situation around, Emily and Paddy decide enough is enough and start to stand up to her.


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