After their night of passion Latisha tries to ignore Cain's advances. But even though she realises that she shouldn't have anything to do with him, she can't help but be attracted to him. Jason offers to baby sit for her, so that she can enjoy a night out with the girls - unaware that she plans to seize the opportunity to visit Cain instead! Ashley is upset when he spots Marlon walking his daughter. He visits Bernice and explains that he is worried that he will miss out on seeing her grow up. But will they be able to come to a happy compromise? Charity and Zak come up with an ingenious plan to persuade Eric to give them the local refuse contract - sabotage! Tricia is excited when Marlon tells her that it is time that they started looking for a place of their own. Nicola is thrilled when Rodney takes her shopping. But her excitement is short lived when she discovers they are buying clothes for Bernice's baby. And Jack is forced to tell his kids that after paying off his debts, he will not have enough money to take them on holiday.


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