Ashley is excited that Bernice and their baby are moving back to the vicarage. But will he be able to forgive and forget her recent indiscretions? Diane isn't pleased to hear of her daughter's plans, but Bernice assures her that it is for the best. Ashley is thrilled to see Bernice, but she can't help feeling awkward at the situation she has got herself in. Her concerns about adjusting to motherhood grow when she sees how natural Ashley is with the baby. Charity's scheming finally pays off when she blackmails Eric into helping her land the council's refuge contract for Tate Haulage. Chris is impressed to hear that she has managed to get one over the scheming councillor. Paddy and Emily reach the end of their tether when his mother continues to plague them with phone calls. Desperate to escape her clutches, the pair make final preparations for their holiday in Ireland. Tricia has a brain wave and suggests to Marlon that they should try and buy Kathy's cottage. But Marlon isn't convinced that they will get a mortgage.


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