Motherhood is not agreeing with Bernice. Desperate to escape her new role, she offers to help in The Woolpack during the lunch time rush. But as the hours go by, Diane becomes convinced that Bernice does not want to return home. Diane asks her if things are working out with Ashley at the vicarage. But she is thrown when Bernice confesses that she is unable to cope with the baby and is convinced that it is more than post-natal depression. Paddy's life is becoming unbearable as Barbara continues to plague him with phone calls. Unable to deal with her constant attempts to contact him, he enlists Jason's help to vet his calls. Tricia comes up with a novel way of putting prospective buyers off Kathy's cottage - by telling them that the local prostitute lives next door! Donna is disappointed when she receives a rejection letter from the army. Bob offers to help her find an alternative career, but she is unimpressed when Viv suggests that she could work for the Post Office. Nicola is thrilled when Bernice invites her to her niece's christening and Eric tries to enlist Ray's support for his campaign to become an MP.


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