Paddy and Emily try to push ahead with their holiday despite the unwanted attention of his mother, who is still plaguing him with phone-calls. As much as he tries to ignore her, guilt gets the better of Paddy who eventually decides to pop in and see her on the way to the airport. He is furious when he finds that she isn't home and is convinced it is just another of her games. But as he and Emily reach the airport, Paddy receives some devastating news about his mum from Jason. Marlon is anxious that the cottage must sell quickly because he knows that Kathy will need the money for her fresh start down under. He decides to drop in and see how Tricia is getting on showing prospective buyers around - but is outraged when he discovers her plan to put them off the house instead of encouraging them to buy it! Nicola is becoming increasingly annoyed as Maggie shines at the Holiday Village. Nicola isn't impressed by her idea for a website to promote the park - but Rodney thinks it is a winner. Viv starts to question why Donna was turned down for the army and has a theory that it may be down to more than just her involvement in the hit and run and Chloe gets a surprise visit from the police investigating an allegation of prostitution.


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