Paddy agonises over how he treated his mum before her death and is angry at himself for ignoring her pleas for help. Guilt eats away at him and, in his pain, he starts to blame Emily for what has happened. He later discovers that some pills were found and fears that his mum may have taken her own life. During a visit to his mother's house, Emily discovers a letter to Paddy but can't bring herself to reveal its contents to him. Marlon is still fuming at Tricia for her scheming over the cottage. Tricia stands firm, but the situation blows into a full-scale row and Marlon has to decide if he can take any more. Betty is becoming increasingly suspicious of Seth's odd behaviour. None more so than when he appears all dressed-up, but refuses to let on where is going. She wants some answers and calls in the help of Lucy, who discovers that he has been receiving emails from a mysterious woman. Betty is furious and becomes convinced that Seth has got a woman on-the-side. Fed-up of Maggie hogging the limelight at the Holiday Village, Nicola comes up with an idea to rival her website plan. She dreams up a marketing scheme that will see her become The Face of the park and Bob finds himself piggy in the middle when Eric reveals that he is going up against Viv as the local MP - and asks Bob to be his election agent.

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