Emily is at a loss as to what she should do with Barbara's letter. She considers giving it to Paddy, but has second thoughts. She then resolves to destroy it, but once again, changes her mind. Eventually, as Paddy tears himself apart worrying about what killed his mother, she hands him the letter - an act which threatens to destroy their relationship forever. Zak's pride takes a knock when he is unable to match the amount that Cain puts in to the housekeeping pot. He is impressed when Cain tells him that he has found work as a bouncer, and asks him if he could get him a job. However, Lisa is unimpressed by the idea. Tricia comes up with an ingenious way of solving her housing problems. She approaches Alan and asks him if he would buy Kathy's cottage and let it out to her. Scott is left puzzled when he sees Latisha and Cain deep in conversation. Jason is surprised to hear of Scott's suspicions and decides to have a word with Latisha. Jess and Nicola's mutual dislike of Maggie blossoms into friendship and Betty and Seth have a heart to heart about the state of their relationship.


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