Paddy is relieved when he receives a call from the coroner, informing him that his mother died from natural causes. The news sets him thinking and he soon realises that he needs to apologise to Emily for his recent behaviour. Like a knight in shining armour, Paddy rescues her from an argument with her furious driving instructor. The ice is broken and Paddy seizes the opportunity by asking Emily to marry him. Zak devises a get rich quick scheme which simply cannot fail - suing the council for compensation. He persuades Sam to take a dramatic fall down a pot hole in the hope that he might be injured. Unfortunately, their attempt is unsuccessful. Zak isn't finished yet and decides to go to extreme lengths to break Sam's arm. Robert's blood begins to boil when Jack announces that he is going to split the money from the sale of the farm land with him and Andy. Chloe advises Latisha to stop seeing Cain, but she ignores her advice and makes a date with the wayward Dingle regardless. Tricia and Marlon are thrilled to hear that Alan has put an offer in on Kathy's cottage.


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