Zak is full of family pride - his son has broken his arm and it looks as though their scam to sue the council is going to pay off. But he is brought back down to earth with a bump, when cousins Elvis and Marilyn arrive, with his mother in tow. Zak is far from thrilled to see Peg, and even more horrified when his cousins do a bunk leaving her behind. Emily is delighted when Paddy surprises her by proposing again, but this time on bended knee. Overjoyed by her news, Emily shows off her engagement ring to anyone who will see it. Jason has a niggling feeling that Latisha may be lying to him about her feelings for Cain. She tries to put his fears at ease, but he refuses to listen. Robert becomes increasingly infuriated by the attention that Andy is receiving from Jack. He confides to Donna that as far as he is concerned, Andy is not family and he does not deserve a share of the money from the sale of the farmland. Charity comes up with a way of keeping Joseph out of her way - by off loading him on to Zoe.


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