Zak makes it clear that his mum is not welcome and is far from happy at the thought of her being in his home - let alone sleeping under the same roof. He goes to drastic lengths to make alternative arrangements for her and converts the Dingle van into a bedroom. After tempting Peg inside, Zak and his clan hotfoot it to The Woolpack for a swift pint. But as they return home under cover of darkness they are horrified to discover the van is ablaze. More trouble is brewing between the Sugden boys as Robert continues to argue that Andy isn't entitled to any of the money from the sale of Jack's land. He lets nothing get in his way and takes great delight in forcing Katie to go home after barging in on her and Andy. Jack is concerned by the feud and desperate to resolve the situation. Blissfully unaware of her relationship with Cain, Jason announces that he and Latisha are leaving for a fresh start in Leeds. Chloe's warns Latisha to give Cain a wide berth but she is convinced that the friendship she has with Jason is an open one and refuses to heed her words and Eric finds a monetary ally in his bid to become MP - in the form of Emmerdale's new Mr Big, Ray Mullan.


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