Tempers flare on Andy's birthday, and Zak takes his mother out on a magical mystery tour.


It looked as though the Sugdens problems were finally behind them. But with Robert on the warpath over Jack's decision to give Andy a share of his inheritance, anything could happen. Robert approaches Chris who advises him that he should speak to a solicitor about his legal position. On returning home, an argument erupts, and in the heat of the moment, Robert admits that he is considering suing his father. Charity basks in her role as a successful businesswoman, when she holds a press conference to announce the launch of Tate Trash. But her day takes a turn for the worse when Ray arrives at Home Farm to discuss the possibility of investing in their new venture. Charity tries to warn Chris that she doesn't trust RayJason excitedly tells anyone who will listen, about his plan to move to Leeds with Latisha. However, Latisha is somewhat subdued by the prospect of having to end her relationship with Cain. Zak decides to takes Peg on a magical mystery tour - where the magic is that she will have disappeared on his return. However, Charity and Chris are not best pleased when they arrive home and discover that Zak has offloaded her onto them.


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