Robert and Andy are concerned that they have pushed Jack a little too far when he mysteriously vanishes into the night and fails to return home in the morning. Diane is disturbed to hear of Jack's disappearance and tells the boys that they should be ashamed of themselves as their constant arguing undoubtedly drove Jack to disappear. Andy comes up with a brain wave and suggests that they should see if Jack has returned to the old farmhouse. However, they are disturbed by the scene that awaits them. Bernice gets Jason thinking when she suggests that he should be careful as she thinks that Latisha may be using him. Her concerns seem justified, when Chloe comes across Latisha in a passionate clinch with Cain. Peg overstays her welcome at Home Farm and Chris orders Terry to take her back to the Dingles'. Never to miss a golden opportunity, Zak agrees to take her back - but at a price and Zak decides there is no place like 'gnome' when he intercepts an order for Eric's factory and decides to make a quick buck. Diane is concerned that Bernice is neglecting her daughter and Nicola is excited when Bernice asks her to be Gabrielle's Godmother.


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