Cynthia is tired of worrying about Latisha and her catalogue debts and drops in on her to demand she pay it off. But Latisha has news of her own for her mum - she is leaving for Leeds with Jason. Jason insists that he will pay off her debt despite Scott's warning that he is being used. His words of wisdom ring true when Jason spots Cain leaving Latisha's and unleashes a verbal assault on her. She apologises but Jason is in no mood for listening and their future together looks like it could be on the rocks. Over at the holiday park, Nicola continues to meddle in Maggie's life and influences Jess. Phil insists that she is harmless but Maggie can see straight through her devious ways and gives Phil an earbashing when he takes a risk and joins Nicola and Jess for a drink. Much to the delight of Marlon and Tricia, Kathy accepts Alan's offer on the cottage and the couple start making plans for their new home. It doesn't take long for Tricia to make her mark on the place and, much to Marlon's horror, sets about some garish decorating and Angie is preparing for a much welcomed return to work.


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