After discovering that Latisha has secretly being seeing Cain, Jason is convinced that he is doing the right thing by moving to Leeds for a fresh start on his own. Latisha is upset, but Scott has had enough of her and tells her to move out and back to her mum's. Zoe coaxes Jason into attending his 'surprise' farewell knees-up at The Woolpack. Latisha arrives with the bash in full flow and is determined to clear the air with him before he leaves. But will he be in a forgiving mood or tell Latisha to swing her hook? Nicola realises that her little mind games are getting to Maggie and she decides to turn up the heat. First she offers to let Jess stay with her whenever she wants and then lets air out of her own tyre so that Phil will come to her rescue. But she is at her most devious when she takes Phil's wallet from his jacket and plants the seed of doubt firmly in Maggie's mind. Diane is thrilled to see that Bernice is seemingly starting to show real signs of caring for the baby and she glows with pride when her daughter returns from a shopping trip with a beautiful christening gown.


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