Trouble is brewing between Nicola and Maggie. Nicola is all ears when Jess tells her about how her dad and Maggie started their affair. Later that day, Nicola bumps in to Maggie and takes great pleasure in winding her up about her relationship with Phil. But the fun doesn't end there, and Nicola decides to put the next part of her plan in to action. She returns Phil's wallet just as he emerges from the shower. Maggie comes across the pair and is not best pleased to find Phil in a state of undress talking to her arch enemy. With blood pounding in her ears, Maggie warns Nicola to keep her hands off her man. Ashley mistakenly assumes that Bernice feels that he is trying to take over looking after their baby. He apologises and tells her that he will give her more time with the baby. But little does he realise that Bernice was happy to escape from having to look after her daughter and the prospect of doing so, fills her with dread. Jack decides it's time for a change of image and enlists Diane's to help him on a clothes shopping expedition. Marc offers to help teach Gaz to read and Jason bids farewell to the village.


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