Nicola takes her vendetta against Maggie to new heights, but will Maggie be able to see through her scheming? Maggie is suspicious when Nicola tells her that she has bought some new earrings for a lunch date - but neglects to tell her it is with. When Nicola returns, Maggie notices that she has lost one of her earrings. With the seeds of doubt set firmly in Maggie's mind, Nicola sneaks in to her chalet, and plants her earring by Maggie and Phil's bed. Ashley is pleased when Cynthia offers to look after Gabrielle, so that he can spend the evening with Bernice. The night goes well, but Bernice good mood is destroyed when they return home and Gabrielle begins to cry. The Dingles sneak in to Pollard's factory to complete the 'gnome' order without his knowledge, so that they can pocket the proceeds for themselves. Bob's plan to take Viv out for a meal to celebrate their anniversary, is ruined when he is forced to offer refunds after his dodgy perfume causes an allergic reaction and Ollie has a go at Viv and Betty for gossiping about her brother.


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