Nicola's vendetta is beginning to take its toll on Maggie and, unable to take the pressure, she decides to take the day off work to recuperate. But Maggie cannot rest and her suspicions go into overdrive when she discovers a strange earring in her bedroom. On closer inspection she realises that it matches the one that Nicola lost. She promptly storms into The Woolpack and accuses Nicola of having an affair with Phil. Ashley puts his foot down when Bernice asks him to look after Gabby. He explains that she will have to take responsibility for their child as he has a parish to run. Zak is chuffed when he manages to re-negotiate the contract for supplying the local garden centre with gnomes. But the net begins to close in on Lisa and Sam, when Eric discovers that a consignment of paint has gone missing. Jess is pleased when Nicola agrees to let her move in with her and Bob surprises Viv with a belated anniversary meal.

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