There seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel for troubled Bernice and Ashley. A call from a desperate parishioner leaves Ashley in a quandary because he is meant to be looking after baby Gabby. He goes in search of Bernice but becomes frustrated when he can't find her and is forced to leave the baby with Diane at the pub. The delay means that Ashley is too late to help his parishioner and he vents his fury at Bernice for letting both her daughter and him down. Maggie reflects on the humiliation she brought on herself the previous evening and humbly apologises to Rodney for her behaviour. Rodney is intrigued by her accusations about Nicola but Maggie admits that she cannot substantiate her claims and offers to hand in her notice. Marc is worried that fellow inmate Gaz is going to blow the whistle on him after discovering that his mum is a policewoman. As Gaz toys with him about Angie, Marc rises to the bait and he serves Gaz a sharp reminder about the reason he was banged-up in the first place. But will Gaz remain tight-lipped or is the clock ticking for Marc?


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