It's the day of Gabrielle's christening, but after all of Bernice and Ashley's recent problems, it will be a miracle if the day goes without a hitch. Rodney and Diane are concerned when he notices that Bernice is not as motherly towards Gabrielle as she could be. His worries are justified, when Bernice explains that she is living a lie, struggling to really care for her daughter and afraid to love her. Zak's latest scam of selling Eric's gnomes behind his back, hits a snag when the manager of the Garden Centre refuses to pay him in cash and instead, hands him a cheque made out to Eric. Nicola basks in her new role as acting manager of the holiday village. When Maggie arrives to see Craig, Nicola takes the opportunity to twist the knife that little bit further. Edna is distressed when Paddy gives her bad news about her dog and Cynthia is disappointed to hear how besotted Terry is with Louise.


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