Ashley is becoming increasingly scared that he is on the verge of losing Bernice and his daughter again. He admits to Zoe that he doesn't truly understand Bernice's vision of the future and he is scared to find out in case it doesn't feature him. Upon his return home, Ashley fears the worst when Bernice decides to reveal her true feelings once and for all. Eric's blood begins to boil when he receives a phone call from the local garden centre querying a delivery of garden gnomes. The penny drops when the manager begins to describe the appearance of the employee he has been dealing with. Eric storms round to the Dingles to demand some answers and he isn't in the mood for excuses. Edna is concerned to hear that Batley's an exploratory operation and things don't look any better when Paddy calls later with the results. Maggie decides to escape her problems in the village by going away with Lucy for a few days. She is pleased when Phil visits her and admits that he is missing her.


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