It's the day after the night before, and Ashley can't help thinking that just because he and Bernice slept together, it means that all their problems are behind them. Bernice tries to talk to Ashley, but he uses every opportunity to evade her for fear of what she might say. Bernice persists and eventually he is forced to listen as she tells him how she really feels about their relationship. Paddy is subdued by the prospect of attending his mother's funeral and Emily tries to comfort him. Also he is concerned by Edna's refusal to accept his advice that it would be humane to put her dog to sleep. He approaches Len and asks him to have a word with Edna. Len approaches her, but will he manage to make her see sense? Zak is furious to discover that Eric has fired Lisa and Sam for their part in his gnome scam. He goes in search of the crooked businessman, and is pleasantly surprised to find him sweet talking a fellow councillor into supporting his campaign to become the local Mayor. Zak manages to get Eric on his own and demands that he gives Lisa and Sam their jobs back or he will sabotage his meeting and Jess tries to persuade Phil into letting her go on a school skiing trip.


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