Edna is still overcome with grief, but is grateful when Len and Ashley offer to lighten her load. Bernice may be having problems adjusting to motherhood, but her marriage seems to have improved no end since her daughter's birth. Diane is pleased when Bernice tells her that her relationship with Ashley seems to be back on track. Things go from strength to strength when Bernice asks Ashley if he would like to go for a walk with her and Gabby, and he enthusiastically accepts the invitation. Zak's hopes of suing the council for damages are dealt a massive blow when Peg lets slip to the solicitor that Sam didn't fall down a hole in the street - he fell down the stairs at home. Jack is relieved when Cynthia offers to baby sit Victoria for him while he attends a job interview. However, Chris is not best pleased when he returns home and catches Cynthia looking after Victoria. Maggie puts on a brave face when Rodney tells her to enjoy the rest of her break, as Dale Park is in very safe hands - Nicola's.


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