Relations in the Calder/Weston house reach an all-time low when Maggie tells Jess that she is not allowed to go on a skiing trip with her friends. Their argument takes on a venomous edge when Jess mentions the strange earring, which was found under Maggie's bed. Maggie accuses Jess of planting the earring in an attempt to break her and Phil up. Unable to take their bickering any longer, Phil storms out, much to their amazement. Jack swallows his pride and approaches Chris to see if he is interested in buying his land. Chris takes the opportunity to wind Jack up for coming to him cap in hand. But the pair manage to put their past disagreements behind them and strike a deal. Bernice is pleased when Diane offers to babysit Gabby on Valentines Night, so that she and Ashley can spend the evening together. Lisa plays matchmaker and suggests that Cynthia should try and impress Terry by serenading him at The Woolpack karaoke night and still grieving, Edna is exploited by Eric, much to Len's fury.


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