It may be Valentine's Day, but while some people are celebrating the occasion, for others the day is destined to end in heartbreak. Ashley and Bernice are surprised when Diane and Rodney arrive at the vicarage laden down with champagne and a romantic meal for them. During the meal, Ashley is puzzled when Bernice begins to question who she is, and his concerns grow when she admits that she is having trouble adjusting to parenthood. But as the night goes on, they begin to grow closer and as their evening draws to a close, they end up in a passionate embrace. At the Karaoke night in The Woolpack, Cynthia is upset when Terry fails to notice her attempts to impress him. But, Terry is also left deflated when he misreads signals from the opposite sex. Diane is amused when Rodney starts to reminisce about their relationship, and attempts to get amorous with her. Edna is puzzled when she receives an unmarked envelope containing her mother's engagement ring and can't work out where it's come from. Phil tries to repair his relationship with Maggie by suggesting that it might be a good idea if Jess went away on the skiing trip to give them some space. But he is left exasperated when Maggie complains that it sounds too much like a reward.


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