Bernice and Ashley have a major battle on their hands if they are to save their troubled marriage. Ashley resolves to look after Gabby to take some of the pressure off his wife. He also enlists Edna's help in organising the village in bloom contest, so that Bernice has one less thing to deal with. Rodney is pleased when Bernice arrives to talk to him and Diane about her recent behaviour. Diane agrees to listen, but will they be able to patch up their own differences following their recent argument? Paddy grows increasingly tired of Zoe's reluctance to pull her weight at the vets. He tries to discuss the subject with her, but she takes exception to what he says. Paddy discusses the problem with Emily and his mind begins to race when she comes up with a solution to their problems. Lisa tries to get to the bottom of why Zak hates his mother so much. But her efforts are futile and he refuses to answer her questions. Her blood begins to boil when Zak refuses to collect his mother from Seth's house and she is left with the less than pleasant task of collecting the mother-in-law from hell! Lisa encourages Cynthia to tell Terry how she feels about him. She resolves to give it a go, but is left frustrated when Terry fails to grasp what she is trying to say. Robert turns detective in his hunt for the person who sent him his Valentine card. But who can the mysterious sender be?

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