The pressure of work is beginning to take its toll on Paddy. He decides to have another word with Zoe about her reluctance to pull her weight at the vets, but he becomes increasingly annoyed when she refuses to listen. As Paddy's anger grows, Zoe eventually sees the light and offers to cover his night shift. Relieved to have an evening off, Paddy is treated to some more good news when he discovers that he has received a large sum of money from the sale of his mother's house. But his good mood is tested when Zoe calls and asks him to go and see a sick horse. Paddy refuses, and with no other choice Zoe is forced to attend instead - a decision she will live to regret. Ollie is disappointed when Angie tells her that she can't afford to buy her some new clothes as she is absolutely broke. Len decides to treat his grand daughter, but Angie is not happy about his generosity as she can't help feeling that she is a charity case. Cain is less than committed when Latisha tries to persuade him to take her out for the evening. Andy seizes the opportunity to tease Robert about his attempts to chat up Lucy. Bernice and Ashley decide to see a marriage counsellor.


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