Zoe's drink-drive nightmare begins to kick in and she finds the Emmerdale community less than sympathetic to her plight. She does find an unlikely ally in Paddy, however, who agrees to support her when she reveals that she is likely to face a driving ban. But Emily isn't happy about Paddy's choice as she knows it could well spell the end to their dream of him setting up in business alone. Lisa continues to chip away at Zak and insists that he stay at home to look after Belle. But Zak has other ideas and tricks Cain into a spot of baby-sitting. But even he makes a sharp exit when Latisha arrives and she and Peg are left holding the baby. Lisa is outraged and wastes no time in laying into Zak upon his return. Never one to miss a chance, Peg joins in and an almighty Dingle-dong erupts. Ashley continues to try and help Bernice through her darkest hour and looks after the baby at every opportunity. He realises that won't be enough, though, and makes an appointment for Bernice to see a counsellor. Over at the village shop, Viv is dreaming up plans to make it big. She has decided that her backroom could be the key to prosperity. Tricia continues with her Village in Bloom plans, even as Marlon is shocked at the extravagance. Len feels guilty as Angie prepares to sell the family home.


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