Lisa has had more than she can take of Zak bemoaning his mother and is determined to discover the problem between the two of them. First she snaps with Peg and reveals that Zak is never home - because he hates his mum! And Lisa's mood is no better when Zak returns from the pub with Cain and she angrily confronts him about the bad blood between him and his mum. Zak finally explodes with rage and sends shockwaves through the Dingle household with an outrageous accusation. Zoe faces the court and gets the comeuppance she deserves. She drowns her sorrows but things don't get much better when Viv lets slip that Paddy is planning to go it alone. Things are looking up for Angie, though, and she is delighted when Len offers to invest in their future by using his money to save the family home. Robert finally builds up the courage to face Lucy and is delighted when she agrees to go out with him. But things aren't quite so rosy for Andy when Katie reveals that she might be moving away. When Cain makes it up with Latisha, Lisa tries to warn her about him, but Cain brushes her worries off. Viv goes forward with plans to open her own cafe at the back of the post office, as even Bob is less than enthused. Knowing Home Farm needs a new estate manager, Chris instructs Charity to evict Chloe. Chloe agrees, but is less than happy to learn she will have to leave by the next week. Jack confides in Diane that without a farm to run he feels old and useless.


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