Peg confronts Zak after his revelation that she killed his father. She tells him it is time that he accepts that his father abandoned him. It's all too much for Zak, who demands that Peg leave the house. He is hurt as it becomes clear that his only ally is Sam as neither Lisa, nor Cain, believe him. But Zak isn't about to roll over and swears to prove that he is telling the truth - whatever it takes. Katie and Andy consider the bleak prospect of Katie having to move away. Things look up when Andy hears that there is a job going at Home Farm and Katie promises to suggest it to her father. Could this be the end to their problems or just a false dawn? Len, worried about Edna's isolation since Batley's death, convinces her to let him build a memorial for her beloved dog. He also decides that Angie needs a boost, and encourages her to try and find a new man. Scott, meanwhile, has his own relationship worries and becomes increasingly convinced that Chloe may be using him. A guilt-ridden Zoe offers to make Paddy a full partner in the vets. Diane gives Jack odd jobs to try to help him keep busy; he's aware of what she's doing, but goes along anyway.


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