Zak sneaks out at night determined to find proof about his dad's death. But he doesn't get far before Cain and Sam catch up with him and demand to know what he is up to. Zak explains that he believes he knows where his dad is buried and is determined to prove it. Armed with shovels, the Dingle trio set about digging for the truth - but they discover more than they bargained for! Andy and Katie are excited about her dad's interest in the estate manager's job. Even more so when he lands an interview. They celebrate with a passionate kiss until Jack discovers them horizontal. Marlon is furious and thinks that Tricia is out of her tree when he hears that she has been splashing out their rent money on the garden. Meanwhile, Ray hints to Tricia that he may be able to help her out. Scott becomes increasingly unnerved by Charity's influence on Chloe when it comes to men.


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