Diane tries to convince Jack to swallow his pride and apply for the job at Home Farm. He eventually gives in and goes for an interview. Things go surprisingly well thanks in no small part to a little encouragement from Charity. Jack is a happy man when he returns home and the kids are gob smacked when he tells them his good news. Tricia decides that if you've got it - flaunt it. Anxious with money worries, she tries her hand at flirting herself into solvency. Bernice is relaxed about their Marriage Counselling session tomorrow and is hopeful that it will make a difference to her relationship with Ashley. Lisa is worried about Zak as he is still intent on discovering the truth about his father. She consoles him and he tells her that he is desperate to know the truth. Katie is disappointed when her father fails to get the Home Farm Estate Manager job and it looks as though she might have to leave Emmerdale after all. When Ray tells Scott and Len he plans to do lots of business with the garage, Charity tries to warn them off. Chloe keeps the true details of her bet with Charity from Scott.


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