Jack is upbeat about his new job. Meanwhile, Andy is gloomy that Katie's father didn't get the Estate Manager's job and she might have to move away. But Jack could hold the key to his son's happiness. He is told that he must find a new Home Farm gardener and Katie's dad immediately springs to mind. Bernice and Ashley are nervous as they approach their first marriage counselling session. Will they unlock the door to their happiness or just reveal more skeletons in the closet? Happy with the success of their first session, Bernice decides to test herself, attempting to solve the squabbling between Edna and Tricia by agreeing to chair the Village in Bloom committee; Ray is also roped into the planning, agreeing to let meetings be held at his home. Meanwhile, Tricia's aggressive flirting for cash is brought to Marlon's attention after she scares away a punter. Paddy takes pity on a homeless dog and decides to offer it a temporary home. Zak is still intolerant of his mum and tells Peg that he will never forgive her for the years that he has spent without a father.


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