Ashley and Bernice enjoy the time they spend together. They are both happy that things are going well between them and the counselling seems to be working for them. Ashley feels touched with happiness and Bernice is convinced that their problems are coming to an end. Paddy is becoming close to the sick dog. He secretly wonders if Edna would like to care for another pet. But he is clearly wide of the mark when she refuses to even listen to his suggestions. Edna is clearly moved, though, when Emily tells her the dog's sad story and Paddy wonders if it is only a matter of time before she will be ready to put Batley in the past and embrace another pet. Tricia's idea of making a fast buck from tips comes to nothing and Louise is forced to offer her an advance to pay the rent. Tricia gladly accepts - not realising the trouble it is about to cause with Marlon, who is convinced that their money situation will now be even worse and Diane reacts no better when she learns of Louise's part in the advance, until she points out that Bernice has given her more responsibility. At a meeting to discuss the Village in Bloom competition, Edna and Tricia end up arguing after Tricia's idea is rebuffed, leading to her insulting Batley's memory.


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