Peg continues to rile Zak and his annoyance deepens further when Peg takes a racing tip from Seth that was meant for him - and lands a small fortune. Tired of Zak's constant moaning, Peg decides it is high time that her son knew the truth once and for all about his father. But Zak isn't prepared for what comes next and Peg's stunning confession leaves Zak horrified and Tricia with a new house-guest! Things are looking up for Tootsie the dog as her health steadily improves. However, another problem arises when Mrs Roe admits that she doesn't want Tootsie, leaving Paddy trying to find the dog a new home. Convinced that Edna needs a new dog to replace Batley, Paddy tells Edna about Tootsie, but she shows little interest. But when Cynthia and Jack step in to offer the dog a home, Edna voices concerns. Could it be that Edna cares more for the dog than she is willing to admit? Meanwhile, Maggie prepares to return to work determined not to let Nicola get the better of her.


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