There is much discussion following the previous night's shocking confession from Peg and Betty catches wind of the gossip - much to her delight! But Peg is forced into a ruthless heart-to-heart with her son and retracts her confession. Zak is shaken to hear the real truth and is left with no option other than to face up to the facts about his father and admit that he has been wrong all along. Jack is delighted that Victoria has taken to Tootsie, but Edna is horrified to see her walking the ribbon-clad dog through the village. She is desperate to voice her concerns to Paddy but is forced to bite her tongue because of her stubbornness when Paddy first offered her the dog. Bernice is looking forward to returning to work and realises just how much The Woolpack means to her. However, Ashley and Bernice are now left with the difficult task of finding a suitable childminder for Gabby and both are worried that they won't find anyone who meets their high standards.


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