Bob offers his services at The Woolpack as the girls prepare for a night out on the town, but he keeps his plans secret from Viv and asks Donna to keep her out of the pub for the evening. Bob is a smash hit and even persuades Betty to try one of his fancy cocktails. Tricia, Louise, Nicola, Diane, Bernice, Angie and Zoe head for Leeds and much to their delight, Ray suggests they pop into one of his clubs. Once in the club, Diane and Louise enjoy being chatted up by two men - unfortunately though, they both fancy the same man! Diane's attention soon turns to Bernice who has spent all night talking to a man named Ian and seems to be enjoying every minute of it. Diane feels uncomfortable as she watches them. The drunken ladies stagger to the pub to continue with their partying, waking a jealous Viv en route. Lisa is happy that Zak and Peg are seemingly getting on better. Little does she realise that they are about to fall out again when Peg mocks Zak's testicular cancer and he is reminded why he hates her so much.


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