There is friction in The Woolpack between Bernice and Diane when Diane praises Bob's performance behind the bar and offers him more work without consulting her daughter. Things go from bad to worse when Bernice finds herself covering for Diane, who is suffering from a hangover. Tension mounts and Bernice is forced to remind her mother that it's her name over the door and she's in charge. Charity and Chris try to undermine Scott at every opportunity and have a dig at his status as a small businessman. Chloe is amused but she can see that Scott is clearly offended. She tries to placate him but manages only in making him feel patronised. Viv overhears Diane praising Bob's bar skills but, still unaware that he has even worked at The Woolpack, she immediately jumps to the wrong conclusion and assumes that she is flirting with him. Viv challenges Bob over the intimate tête-à-tête but Bob dismisses her concerns. She remains unconvinced and serves him a warning to steer clear of Diane. Edna, meanwhile, stocks up on every available variety of dog food to try a taste test on Tootsie and discover his favourite flavour.


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